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Why Melbourne’s Street Art is the Coolest Fashion Inspo

Written by Pascal Simonetta


Posted on October 15 2019

At Squad Active, we’re not shy about our love for Melbourne street art. A beautiful part of our city’s landscape, it’s not only an international tourist attraction but a great source of inspiration for local fashion designers. Many of the pieces in the Squad Active collection feature colours and patterns inspired by the urban landscape of our city – including its street art. 

To help you better understand why we’re such big fans of our local street art scene, we’ve put together this short blog rounding up what we think are the three features that make it stand apart. Read on and better know one of our favourite cities!

It’s international 

Melbourne is unarguably the street art capital of the country, but did you know that it’s also a major international destination for overseas artists? Many of the world’s most famous street artists including Banksy, Blek le Rat and ABOVE have graced some of our streets, laneways and arcades with creations that – were they to be more traditional works that could be shown in a gallery – would easily sell for some eye-popping amounts! 

Attracted by a local culture of street art and a permissive attitude by the local government, street artists from around the globe have quite literally made their mark on our city. Next time you’re walking through Hosier Lane, Degraves St or any of a dozen Abbotsford alleyways, take a look around – you might spot an internationally recognised piece of art!

It’s diverse 

Hand in hand with the sheer number of international street artists working in Melbourne comes an incredible diversity of styles, approaches and forms. From traditional stencilling to sticker art to more elaborate and modern styles, street art in Melbourne is far from a monolith. 

For an example, look no further than the colourful, cheerful mosaics of Invader. A French-born artist, Invader creates street art out of ceramic tiles, usually depicting the titular aliens from the classic video game Space Invaders. His work is highly irregular in the street art world, not relying on spray paint, stencils or any other traditional tools to achieve his end goal. Melbourne is lucky to be home to one of his truly unique artworks. 

It’s a part of our history 

Street art is far from a modern invention in Melbourne. For decades, local artists from the DIY scene have been expressing themselves creatively on the very city they call home. This long history has been examined in numerous documentaries and series, charting its evolution alongside more traditional and popularly accepted forms of local art. 

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