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Learning Life Lessons Through Sport

Written by Pascal Simonetta


Posted on September 17 2019

Kids learn from the things that they come into contact with and there’s no greater teacher than sport. This activity can act as a powerful tool because it pushes developing minds and bodies to work hard in order to overcome obstacles, both great and small. Whether it’s being played seriously or just for fun, sport offers many valuable lessons that can prepare children for other aspects of life. Communication, teamwork and resilience are three of the most significant skills that can be taken from the court and put into action in study, work and relationships further down the track. This is why encouraging physical activity across the board is so important to personal development. Read on below to learn more about the types of life lessons and skills that children can develop through engaging in sport. 


Struggling to get your point across? Finding it hard to make sense of other people’s point of view? Sport can help! Competitive and fun environments that involve group dynamics force individual players to effectively communicate in order to succeed. This is a great lesson for children because it teaches them how to speak and interact in a way that makes sense to other people around them. Some children can find themselves looking at the world solely from their own perspective, which can lead to social problems and isolation in time. Thankfully, sporting games help to remedy this by pushing people with different opinions into a situation where they have to interact peacefully in order to succeed. 


There’s no “I” in team and sport is full of the latter. The ability to work well in team situations should never be underestimated and sport provides many opportunities to hone this craft. Pressure situations in particular are really valuable because they add an element of tension to interactions which further push children to co-operate and work together, even when it is difficult to do so. It’s all about co-operation when you are stuck in the middle of a tense situation and this is something that should definitely be embraced, rather than avoided. 


Don’t forget the importance of inner strength. Sporting competitions instil within children a sense of resilience because it confronts them with difficult scenarios on a regular basis. When the chips are down and things are looking bleak, that is exactly the moment when a person or child’s character is being moulded. Being tested is a healthy part of life because we learn more from adversity than we do success. With this in mind, it’s no wonder that sport is a great teaching tool for young people as they will constantly face more experienced opponents that will force them to be strong and find the confidence to keep moving forward. 

Developing skills

Children grow while playing sport because it fosters communication skills, teamwork and also resilience. These personal skills are important because they can help in a range of different areas throughout life. Whether it’s for serious competition, exercise or a bit of fun, the benefits of sport should never be underestimated when it comes to building emotionally strong and healthy children. The Punies, by Kobe Bryant, is a podcast that is committed to encouraging children to get involved in sport. It explores the many benefits of doing so and teaches some important life lessons along the way. Kobe Bryant is a champion basketball player who enjoyed great success across a 20 year career with the Los Angeles Lakers. He won 5 NBA championships and countless other accolades throughout his time. The Punies is currently available for download from the iTunes store.